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[ i took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind ]

the life & times of novak :3

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Novak is a human-turned-lizardman. 99% of the time, he's tall and green with a lot of scales, a tail, and a bunch of teeth. Some more specific stats go like this: 7'2, 387 lbs. He has a cheerful demeanor, though his morality isn't what it used to be. He loves drinking, relaxing, violence, and having a good time. Ladies, call him.

He originates from New York City, and spent the majority of his time up until not too long ago being a bodyguard in a violent, anarchistic slum. Suffice to say, killing mutants (vampires, other lizardmen, felines, avians) was common. Recently, civil rights legislation has been passed, and mutants find themselves occupying real apartments worldwide, making the slum unnecessary. Novak has since become a bodyguard for the rick and fabulous. And on top of that, a Nexus a deus ex machina encounter has allowed Novak to gain the ability to switch between his old his human body and his lizard body at will.

Novak is a good kid, though his sense of humor is abrasive. He's quick to make friends, but quick to lose them. He loves mocking people, though there are people he'll protect to the death.

A compact, but still tl;dr, version of Novak's canon/nexus history can be found here. It is not totally up to date.

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Novak is an original character from an original world. He is owned by rabidfangirlism, who will take all questions & comments in her journal.