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[Mar. 24th, 2008|08:17 pm]

it's been a while since i've gotten all introspective on the internet, so i figure i may as well go about doing that kind of thing.

business is good, life is good. really, i don't have any complaints about how everything is going right now. i mean, nothing that isn't not counting blessings. i've got a couple of jobs coming up, but i have three or four days off, so i'm gonna try to fill some dumb errands (like buy stamps) and do some spring cleaning. ha ha, scary lizardman cleans. after that i've got to head to deal with famous blonde actress #3445454 who i forgot the name of. they all kind of look the same.

seris is also doing fine, though i think he's got some special government thing going on these days on top of his daily understreet-filing job and whatever else he does. unfortunately, we've been talking a lot but not saying much. i think it's cause he's top-secret-itized. anyway, he keeps himself pretty damn busy, and is asleep most of the time when i come home from bars (i like bars, shut up) at normally midnight.. ish. and he's gone when i wake up. haha, he's got a 9-5 or something.

in human form, i'm seeing this real nice girl named melissa, though i'm having a hunch she won't be cool that i'm really a lizardman, so possible breakup in the future.

i have totally given up trying to figure out what leyin does. at this point time, i think he might not have a job. he doesn't buy food, but he does dissapear every day, and once or twice i've seen him flinging himself between buildings. maybe he just joyrides around all day? i wouldn't put it past him really. though i do think it's possible he does his messenger thing.

azinth reappeared for a couple of days. apparently, she now works in las vegas distracting people from playing cards so they lose and some casino pays her cash. she seemed real happy, so you know, more power to her. me and seris and leyin and nerift and azinth all hung out. it was like the good old days. i don't know what nerift does, but she's got clothes on her back and no bruises, so i imagine she's doin fine.

damn, i miss nuruu. can you imagine we still regret killing him?

it's been a really long time since i've really hurt someone. that aches a little. hannah didn't help. murderous habits never really go away. they just wait for a bad time to show up.

meh, i'd write more, only i don't feel like it. have a good day folks. :)